Spherical microphone that rocks your world

Where do i get Zylia ZM-1
  • RECORD AUDIO LIKE NEVER BEFORE As a musician who makes a living through music, you are always on the move. You create and rehearse your songs on the road, in hotel rooms and various other places. Don’t lose ideas because of low-quality recording on your smartphone or waste your money on expensive and complicated equipment.

    Capture your creativity with ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone which is tiny, light, easily portable and ready to set up in seconds anywhere you want. It’s newly patented sound-source separation technology isolates every instrument in your music piece and saves them in the cloud to preserve every moment.
  • EASY TO USE All you need is a spherical microphone. It takes seconds to set up, and there are no cables lying around. It’s extremely light and easy to move around. Capture the moment and record now, and separate each instrument and the vocals later.
  • SOUND SOURCE SEPARATION The system consists of a microphone array and an audio processing service. Sound recorded by this system is separated into individual tracks that represent individual audio sources.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERY MUSICIAN Duos, trios, quartets or big bands; amateurs or professionals; rehearsals in the garage or recording sessions in the studio; teachers and students in music classes; creating a personal archive or preserving a live concert. In short,
    it’s for all music enthusiasts who like to record their music and
    process audio in an easy way.
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